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These pages are designed with two purposes in mind:

First, I want this to be an interactive educational tool for students of philosophy. By 'students' I do not mean to imply any particular educational status or level. I hope the data contained here will be useful to both professional students and educators as well as those with a less formal interest in Philosophy.

Second, I think of these pages as an electronic autobiography which highlights a bit of my world-view at the dawn of a new era of global communication. It's impossible to know where we're headed or what we will do with this new tool, but I believe we are witnessing a significant transformation of culture. Evolution, contrary to popular myth, occurs in great spurts not as a single fluid process. We are riding the crest of just such a mutation. We all face the same situation: change or be changed. Either we take on a Socratic role of midwifery and help shape the future which comes to be, or we accept whatever role is handed us by someone else's vision. Liberty grants us the power to choose a level of participation in this new democratic experiment. Never before have so many been able to participate in so significant a change.

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What Philosophy Is | What Philosophy is Not
(from my point of view)

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